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Ten Nobodies (and their somebodies) opens up your imagination to rethink what is possible. Here are narratives by "nobodies" who were privileged (or, in some cases, not) to be employed by or otherwise to have served famous people. From General Custer's hairstylist to Marilyn Monroe's fortuneteller, readers will be reintroduced to some of history's most famous figures in unforeseen ways.

Poignant and often humorous, the stories mix historical facts with imagined events to tell the relationship between the fictional "nobody" and the "somebody."

Through first-person narrative, each story offers the reader a unique experience with fascinating. and even unexpected, perspectives on the lives of the main characters. With a blend of history and fiction, readers will find pleasant surprises in this entertaining book.

About Martin Drapkin

Ten Nobodies (and their somebodies) is Marty Drapkin’s second published work of fiction. His first was Now and at the Hour (Dog Ear Publishing, 2009). He’s written and published nonfiction books and articles in his professional field, having to do with county jail operations. He is a self-described faceless bureaucrat laboring unappreciated for an obscure state government agency—the proverbial man in the gray flannel suit, leading a life of quiet desperation.
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Excerpt from the Book

I SERVED AS a sexton at Holy Trinity, a little country church in Stratford- upon-Avon in England, for many years. Later, I also served as a sort of muse, as ‘twere, for the poet and actor Will Shakespeare. Read more

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